One of Us

This wasn’t normal.  The shamblers were normally easy to predict.  They were easy to avoid if you were careful and they weren’t in huge numbers. That was their real danger.  Just the mass of bodies crushing towards you with no way to escape.  But small numbers, if one was quiet and careful, they could avoid […] Read More

On the Road After the Apocalypse

  Almost gave a lift to a hitchhiking zombie. I am toolin’ on down the Yellowhead Highway, heading south towards Cache Creek, dodging potholes and jumpin’ an’ bumpin’ over the cracks an’ fissures in the pavement. John Denver croons “Some Days Are Diamond” on the CD player. Pull into the Creek around noon. Coming up […] Read More


The girl with the spiral scar pressed the point of a modified steak knife under the chin of a plump teenage boy. “Say ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ again, you little turd, and I’ll slice your balls off and make them into earrings.” The boy opened his mouth a quarter inch and whispered, “My dad says—” but shut […] Read More


  “Daddy, I’m hungry.” The President of the United States of America patted his young daughter on the head. “I know, sweetheart. We’ll get you something to eat once we’re up in the air. Now buckle up.” A man in a black suit sitting across from the President leaned forward. “Sir, I can have one […] Read More

150 Ways to Count Your Minyans

150 Ways to Count Your Minyans   “What’s taking so long?”  Stanley was getting nervous.  He was becoming more and more convinced that there wasn’t going to be a minyan on that cold Monday morning at Bangor’s lone Orthodox shul.   Without a minyan, the Jewish prayer quorum, Stanley couldn’t say Kaddish, a praise of […] Read More

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