Pick Your Favorite Swords, Sorcery and Subway Calls story

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The Specter at the Feast

A quoted Bob Sanderson, as we stood  LAS, poor Yorick. I knew him well,” with a group of fellow students gazing at the grinning ghastly thing of bones. It had arrived at the studio that morning and was already mounted in its corner terribly still, it stood, and with an air of serene dignity. But […] Read More


Uncanny Stories, April 1941 MAN FROM THE WRONG TIME-TRACK   by Denis Plimmer Author of “Men of the Solar Legion,” etc. In midair the gigantic form seemed to stop! F OR immediate release! The statement which follows concerns the entire world, and for that reason I, Paul Dicey of Irving Place, New York City, am […] Read More

The Lost Tablet of the Calderians

It was dark. David couldn’t read a word on the stone tablet. He fumbled through his knapsack pockets looking for a flashlight, or at least some matches. How many adventures had he and that knapsack been through, he couldn’t count that high, nor did he care. He just knew it’d always been with him, and […] Read More

The Universe Box

The Universe Box “I think it’s done,” he said excitedly holding a box in his arms. She looked up disinterestedly from her oatmeal. “What is it this time?” “I’m not sure yet. I HAVEN’T TURNED IT ON, but I’m pretty sure it creates the universe.” “If you haven’t turned it on then how do you […] Read More

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