Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart Sammi Milva barely contained the shudder which threatened to roll up her spine.  Once had been bad, twice had been worse.  But this would have been the third shudder in the five minutes after she awoke, and she thought that that might drive her mad.  Assuming, that was, that she wasn’t mad […] Read More

Mighty Bitey

Corbin had been a physician for five years when his Vanessa hung herself in the garage. It was a Thursday, and his wife had left the car out on the street rather than pulling in to her normal spot. It’s strange, what you remember about these things. Fuck the car and fuck you, Ness, he […] Read More

Two Wheel Salvation

As Melody lay in the field enjoying the sun’s warmth, she thought she might be happy for the first time in months. Winter had been hard and dismal, but she’d survived. She was blissfully enjoying the moment; not thinking of the dead or the past or the hardship; just enjoying the sun and the chirping […] Read More

Rambo and Jewely

  “I hope y’all get parvo,” Rambo said, completely defeating the purpose of the contraction by making y’all two syllables. Why couldn’t Pa understand. He luv’d Jewely. Yesterday when he’d whistled and yelled “Hey hottie,” she’d actually crossed to his side of the road. That’s when he knew she was the one for him. Her […] Read More

Zombies Across The Street

  We were having coffee on the porch when the first beat up truck arrived across the street.  The screens in the sun room windows blur the view to the interior while allowing us to peek out uninhibited.  We can be the nibby neighbors without the telltale lift of blinds or pulled curtain. The truck […] Read More

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