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Hellbound Express; Chapter 3

For your reading pleasure, here is the third installment of Mel Odom’s Hellbound Express. If you haven’t yet read the first two chapters, here (chapter 1 and chapter 2) are the links for them. Enjoy. Hellbound Express; Chapter 3 Wickham and the rest of Gant’s salvage crew moved around the vehicles strapped into place on […] Read More

HellBound Express Chapter 2

Hellbound Express By Mel Odom Did you love chapter one of HellBound Express? Get ready for the second installment. If you haven’t read chapter one click the link here to read it first.     Home was the Peress Express. The train was pulled by a 1952 Baldwin Locomotive steam engine that Peress, Senior, had […] Read More

Zombie Tales Winners

Everyone can breathe now. The Zombie Tales Winner have been selected. Reader’s choice first prize goes to Hungry. Second prize goes to Can’t Keep a Dead Man Down. Third prize goes to Children of the Apocalypse. Edtor’s choice, was very close, but the  prize goes to Zombies Across the Street. Congratulations to all of the […] Read More

Zombie Tales coming to Kindle

We wanted to thank everyone who submitted for Zombie Tales. We are awaiting approval from Amazon. Once they approve it the book will be live on Kindle, and shortly to follow in paperback. Voting for the readers choice awards will open November first as planned. Good luck.     Read More

Hellbound express

For the final entry in Zombies Tales the Astounding Outpost proudly presents the first chapter in Mel Odom’s latest novel, Hellbound Express. As an Outpost exclusive he has given us permission to serialize the first part of his novel. Check back every Sunday for the latest installment of Hellbound Express. HELLBOUND EXPRESS Chapter 1 A […] Read More

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