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Neural Nets Winners

After a very rough editorial battle, we can announce the WINNERS OF neural nets Uplinks, and Wet Ware. First  place goes to Burner., second goes to Catching Cemron Ellis, third to Never Lonely. The editors choice goes to No Place to Hide. Congratulations to the Heural Nets winners. Read More

Neural Nets is Live on Amazon and only .99 cents for a limited time.

Did you love the stories in Neural Nets? Do you want to help your favorite authors out? Or maybe are you just cheap? Then we have a deal for you. For a limited time. Neural Nets, Uplinks, and Wet Ware is only .99 cents. That’s right over twenty amazing stories for under a buck, for […] Read More

Pick the best Neural Nets, Uplinks, and Wetware story

  Read More

Fan Voting For Neural Nets Opens Tomorrow

Authors and Readers fan voting for Neural Nets opens tomorrow. What does that mean? If you’re a fan pick your favorite story. IF YOURE AN AUTHOR LET YOUR FANS KNOW ABOUT THE POLL. Share it on social media, harass your neighbors, and beg your family to vote for your story. Remember the top three fan […] Read More

Scavenger Hunt

  Rose shuddered as she peeped outside her window; the dull, orange light of the sun slowly giving way to the artificial luminescence of the halogen street lamps. She paced from side to side, being careful not to wake her six-month old son that lay snug in her arms. He had fallen asleep only a […] Read More

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