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Ghouls, Ghosts, and Grave Robbers Story- results

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Fan Voting is Closed.

Once again the editors are in a death battle for editors’ choice. We will post results tomorrow. Swords, Socery, and Subway Cars will begin its run on the  Astounding Outpost Wednesday. Read More

Fan Voting for Ghouls, ghosts, and Grave Robbers

Fan voting for the best of Ghouls, Ghost and Grave. Robbers will open Sunday and run for seven days. Make sure to tell your fans. Read More

Kanky’s Ginnel

  The cold was gnawing rather than biting: a slow, painful, rasping sensation. The lack of light in Linda’s drab bedsit – its’ one window faced a brick wall – meant it was marginally less warm than the street outside. She had finally broken down and switched on a lamp, straining her eyes as she […] Read More


The sun shines like polished gold: still bright, but tarnishing around the edges, with the certainty that it will fade until no light remains. Late-season hydrangeas struggle to preserve their stately white blooms but they are browning around the edges. Maple leaves that recently blazed red now darken and dry on the ground, like the […] Read More

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