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Our Second Lives

  ‘Where Immortality Becomes Reality’ the holographic cube spelled as it danced in front of Mary’s eyes. She shifted in her seat and tried to read the pamphlet she took from the table in the waiting room. It covered the basics of the procedure, but lacked any reassurance for her anxious mind. Johnathan noticed and […] Read More


  Klaxons drown out the screams.  I smell smoke and the dust from shattered concrete.  I’m standing just inside Johnson’s lab, surrounded by stainless steel fermenters and rows of refrigerators, in front of shelves of shattered glass vials and test tubes trembling in their racks.  At the end of a counter I see the desktop […] Read More


  The fault was Joel Pratt’s own, though he tried to blame his niece, Patti, and then his wife, Donna. But Patti was young and exuberant. How could he fault her? Nor could Donna be culpable. She’d left him the year before. He couldn’t blame either of them for the damage to his Nivens Patch […] Read More

Robot Fires Human

  Henrik Scharfe, a professor at Aalborg University, has created a robot in his image that was used to fire people in an                                                      Whenever I get a call from Robot Resources, I know it’s not going to be good news.  The first time I went down there they wrote me up for excessive […] Read More


  Heat.   A burst of radiation, actually, signaling the beginning phase of what would grow into a stellar flare, but that’s what my sensors translated it as.  A warning that the sector my ship had just passed through was becoming dangerous for both ships and life forms.   A token in memory of what […] Read More

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