The Universe Box

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The Universe Box

“I think it’s done,” he said excitedly holding a box in his arms.

She looked up disinterestedly from her oatmeal. “What is it this time?”

“I’m not sure yet. I HAVEN’T TURNED IT ON, but I’m pretty sure it creates the universe.”

“If you haven’t turned it on then how do you know that it works?”
Kids these day were so full of ideas, but so little work. They thought you could speak things into existence.

“I just know. I push this red button and bamb -O instant universe.”

“That’s nice dear,” she said with the patronizing tone only mothers, have digging further into her oatmeal. “Make sure you clean your room before you go creating a universe.”

“I will mom,” he said scurrying off to his room.

“And Yahweh make sure you don’t just sweep your toys under your bed this time.”

“Yes mom.” It was hard being a god when you mother still treated you like a little kid.

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